Sunday, December 16, 2007

A NEW Drink....& the Strongest Stimulant for raghu !! :-)

Some-Times the MOST bizarre Ideas, Realizations, discoveries etc., are suddenly SHOWN to Us, when we go "OUT of the WAY"... the Zen mystics say--"in a State of NO MInd..!!"...

i Wonder if the REAL Bliss, Freedom & POWER...OLL lie in a state/realm where there is NO Silly rational
thoughts/ a state of Child-like Innocence ( remember when you were a small child, or..just observe one..!!! :) )

Below is a 'Verbatim' version of a mail i had scribbled recently..!!


I'm famous among the Office personnel ( security, et-al..!), as the ONLY Weird-n-Stupid person [ or a RARE, Special Specimen..??! ha ha !! ;-) ] they've Come across in LIFE,
who mixes TEA, COFFEE, & MILK into a STRANGE ( according to them..!) potion...a Cock-tail before drinking it...!! :)
Anyway, regarding that...Yesterday, there was no Milk, & i had to make do with ONLY tea & Coffee...
And as they say -- "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"...THIS "unexpected" situation gave rise to a new, unexpected "invention"...
{Oh ! "What we call the NEW is simply the Un-Expected"..isn't it ?? :)}
i invented ( or may be "discovered"..??!) a new NICE, drink....with the following Composition :-
TEA ( 85-90%) + COFFEE (the rest..!)
And....what more...i've decided to christen it as "Toffee"
I came up with this Witty Name Dynamically, while narrating it to a Junior Friend of mine whom i've nick-named as....let it be...! ;-)...
...I don't want my Life to end pre-maturely, u see...!! ;-)
It combines the goodness of my Staple-Drink of TEA, with the Bitter-Kick of Coffee...! :)
Anyway, Toffee aside....
Yesterday night, i really pestered my Room-mate & also my nick-named friend ( over SMS ! She's reeeally so Sweet & Kind & Patient with Me & My Crazy blabber !! ) about my Wonder at the Staggering Magnitude of DIVERSITY in Mother Nature..!
I asked the following question to both :
CAN You guess HOW many Species of Living Beings are there on Planet Earth..??
Can You ??
a Guess at least...?!?!
10,000 ??
20,000 ??
1 million...??
Well...Let me tell You what i told my roommate yesterday night...!
Biologists have "officially identified"...about 1.75 Million Species...!!!!
And the Shocking part ( which i told my already surprised friend ! ) is that recently, a famed Biologist had been to some jungles in South try & discover some new Species of insects...
...And they were left Shell-Shocked by their results....they cound that those remote jungles may have about 60,000 "new", "as-yet-Unknown" Species..per Hectare...!!
All this has led to the new estimate that ...
..the TOTAL number of different Species on Planet Earth may in fact be Close to 100 Million (rather than 10-20 million, which was the earlier estimate..!)
It's really awe-inspiring to even "contemplate"...or "visualize" it...!!
Don't YOu feel your Heart flutter when you try to do so ??
But the thing THAT worried ( & almost ANGERED me !! On Ourselves !! ) was also the fact that...
that...MORE than 50% of the Species on Earth May become EXTINCT in This Century alone...!! :-(
And the Chief-Driver of this Mass-Murder...??
Well...Who Else..but the "Exterminator Species" of this Planet ( & also , of itself, i fear !! )----> Homo sapiens
In the past also, there HAVE been such Events when a large number of Species have got wiped out for ever...
[Like the meteor hitting the earth 65 million years ago, & making the Dinosaurs extinct..!]...
But...THIS would be the First TIME that it will Happen BECAUSE of a Single SPECIES...rather than a Natural Calamity/Event..!
And The Scale Enormous...(> 50 % )...!!
And MAN...goes on....under the false impression that He is in fact living in a Golden Age..of Technology...of Happiness...!
Well, the Bitter Truth is that with the Loss of EACH new Species...we're LOSING a TREASURE ...FOR-Ever..!!
And Nature is Soooo delicately inter-linked that the absence of ONE species starts off a "Domino" effect, leading to more & more extinctions, & imbalances in the ecosystems...!!
Oh No !!
MAN should really be ASHAMED of Himself & his IGNORANCE...& is hurtling towards His Own Destruction...!
A Sanskrit adage (rightly) says : "Vinaasha Kaale Vipareetha Buddhi!" --> in my translation, it says,
"We Lose ALL reason when we're heading towards our own Destruction"..such as in War,Violent-Anger,etc. for example....
But it is good that We are Waking UP...Better LATE than NEVER...since there may NOT be an AGAIN for us...!!
Because, LIFE...unlike Software Products...Does not come with an UNDO feature...!!
The EXTREME Beauty, the Dazzling variety, & the Hidden Secrets of Nature....make me want to disappear into the Wild Wilderness become a Naturalist or someone of that observe, marvel at, & to try & protect the ONE instance ( a Singleton..! Yes ! ) of Gift we've Got---Our HOME, our Mother, our EARTH...!! :)
Well...THANKS for Listening to Me...!
I don't know WHY/HOW i managed to Write ALL this ! (Despite having deadlines, & fighting with my own Boredom & some Monstrous Programs...!)
Perhaps, it was the effect of a cup of Toffee..?? :)
And EVEN more possible, is the Restless lit'l HEART..of lit'l raghu...which doesn't, & simply Cannot rest until it has shared it's feelings/ideas with Another Heart..of a FRIEND...!
Rather than Toffee, or any other Stimulant..i think it is LOVE at work...!
Yes ! i think it is LOVE, indeed..!
Yest. night i sent a quote via SMS :
"Love is a great Beautifier." :- Louisa May Alcott
And Now, i feel...i should coin my Own Quote :
"Love, is the Strongest Stimulant..!" :- raghu.ugare
HOWzzthat ?!?!
Pls. let me know..!
Ok pa, will shut up now...with another quote i've definitely quoted sometime back...
Take Care, & Keep Smiling...!
Actually, i'm feeling that ELiminating ALL humans from the Face of My Dear Sweet Earth is the ONLY solution to Bring a Smile to her lips..!
I'm NOT speaking with ANGER here..but with Cool Reason...!
What do You feel...?!?!
Anyway, i think i'll have to imagine & Design, & implement an Unexpected Exception in the FLow..a Natural Calamity..that will Accomplish Jusssst That..!
{God is Great, but also Stupid, "Invisible" & Funny...& i am SUCh a God..! :-) }
Lots of LOVE & Best Wishes,
"Naturally" yours...or..perhaps, nobody's...!? :-) :-(
"r a g h u"
Planet Earth...
+91 9845 068 070
** "Man is the missing link Between Apes & Human Beings."
That's WHY i'd recently quoted a poet ( Joyce Kilmer ..)
"I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree."
In fact, i regularly observe & point out the growing LACK of TREES everywhere, for example, when we go to the so-called "Hi-tech areas" of the city...!
Everywhere, there is ONLY bland, concrete & glaring Glass...with No shade or clean air to breathe...!
In fact, even a tribal ( or rural, like Me !! ) would LAUGH at us if we ever said we are ADVANCED...!!!
But it is ALMOST impossible to recover from this situation...DUE to the Simple Answer that the SHEEEEER NUMBER of Humans is increasing at Such an Enormous Rate that...
...that it is Inevitable that WE ourselves have to Manipulate Nature for our Survival...!
And Our Advanced Survival-Ability means ..well...DEATH & Extinction for the other less-endowed species...!!
The ONLy solution..which i'm sure will be "implemented" by EARTH herself very an Up-Heaval of Proceedings...which will bring the NUMBER of HUmans below some threshold, critical value...!!
Don't YOU feel so ?!?! :)
But whether YOU feel or Dont feel..does NOT affect the Truth...!!
My message to MAN-kind is... :
"WAKE Up...& ...Get Ready...To face the Music !!"
WAIT a bit...i just got another idea !!
"I feel a Better, more appropriate substitue for the term "Man-Kind" Man-Cruel, or Man-UnKind..."
:- raghu.ugare

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