Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lovely Dawn and Pigeons..Celebrating LIFE & Sun-Rise..!!! :)

Lovely Dawn and Pigeons..Celebrating LIFE & Sun-Rise..!!! :)
Look at this SNAP when U are Calm & NOT thinking too much...
Or Better still,
Please Be Calm & DOnt think too much while looking at this snap...!!
Jussst FEEL..!!
That's Why in Japan, in ZEN Tea Gardens, we have to leave our foot-wear out-side... It's NOT the same motto behind-the-scenes as in temples.. The motto is to remind us to "Leave OUR MINDS" outside & then go FEEL the Freshness of Experiencing things like a new-born child...with complete innocence...without Bias...! :)

I too had jussst woken up in B'lore....& saw these Pigeons Awaiting the Sun-rise at the crack of Dawn...Preeening, Cooing & Swaying in the gentle morning breeze....!
For 10 minutes ( I dont know..! Couldn't reckon the passage of TIME..!)...i Ceased to "EXIST"--so to speak...I was simply "LOST" observing HOW "ALIVE" they were to the BEAUTY that surrounds OLL of us...I truly felt BLESSED...!!

I dont know HOW or WHY exactly or WHEN me got out the Camera, put in the batteries...& CLICKed this snap ( & that too with such a Weird angle as you can see..!! )...!!
In short, it is Another of those snaps that...."get CLICKED" OLL by themselves...!!!
I was Jussst a DUMB, Medium...who Got "LOST" in the Utter Simplicity & BEAUTY of that Moment...!!!!

Now, THAT is WHAT is called an EXPERIENCE....!!! When the "experiencer" ceases to Be..!!!!

The great Indian Mystic poet Kabir Das had spoken Sadly that it is Impossible to meet GOD...!!!

He said--
"Look at the Irony..!!
When "I" was, GOD was NOT..
Now, GOD is here, but I am NOT...!!"

That's WHY things like True LOVE, the True DIVINE experience scare people..!!!

Because, LOVE is the complete DEATH of the ego...when u DROP ur sensation of YOUrself...You feel the whole of Existence..!!

It happens SOO many times to MANY of us...when we see HOW a Beautiful Painting or a Poem or a Program is BORN out of us...with us wondering later WHO made it...!!!

Definitely NOT us...Definitely NOT the MIND alone...!!! :)
Felt like Sharing it with YOU too...That's OLL..!!!
THANk you..!! :)
Take care, and HAPPY or SAD...jusst (Try to !) Be ALIVE..!
With LOTS of LOVE as Olways..
The boy in "rags"

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